Who We Are

Delivering World-Class Services

A Leading Regional Glove Dipping Line Contractor, Serving since 1993

Incorporated in 2016, E&X Engineering Works Sdn Bhd is a company specializing in design, fabrication and installation works for glove dipping line machine.

Our Vision

To be a leading preferred regional glove dipping line contractor.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver optimum world-class glove dipping line machine to our Clients through our core businesses in design, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of glove dipping lines.

Our Core Values

We act with professionalism in everything we do and everyone we deal with, always delivering on our promise.
We are passionate in our pursuit of work excellence, always seeking continuous improvements through new ideas and creativity.
All for one, one for all. We're growing this company not for own personal gain, but for each other, which allows us to attain uncommon results.
We place our customers at the heart of everything we do, constantly delivering at the right time with high quality and great attitude.